About Us

BLVCKSHEEP is a collective of musicians and artists who’s sole purpose is to share the love of art amongst others in hopes to permeate the soul and touch as many people through the language of music as possible.

As we communicate in our unique way, our hopes are to find our tribe of people who also identify as BLVCKSHEEP so that we may inspire others to branch out, unplug, and be themselves. Our mission invokes embracing individuality, and breaking from systemic norms and creating a dynamic artistic performance on record and on stage. We pride ourselves in pushing musical boundaries and creating a sound never heard before.

The collaborative consists of the jazz fusion band Minor Element, rap artist Allah, rap artist Jaz, and vocalist Blvcksovl. Originating from Battle Creek Michigan, the group assembled in 2014 with the innovative thought to bring Battle Creek’s most keen musicians and artists together to create an unmatched artistry, with the highest caliber of music, simultaneously changing the outlook on our community.


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