Minor Element

Minor Element is an all-instrumental jazz fusion band out of Battle Creek, Michigan. They have been playing Jazz together since 2012 where they originally started as a jazz trio. As they grew in their musicality, so did their band, their musical taste, and distinct sound. Minor Element is heavily inspired by bands like Snarky Puppy which drove their sound direction in 2014. Their sound is inspired by Jazz, Rock, Gospel, Fusion, and anything they can draw inspiration from. Minor Element prides themselves in being music for the musician. Not only can you find a grove, but you can also hear the complexity in the original compositions. Now Minor Element consists of 9 members. They have a very diverse group of musicians that come from all sorts of musical backgrounds and experiences which is part of what makes their sound so unique.

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Places we’ve performed

Bell’s Eccentric Cafe| Shakespeare’s Pub| The Union Cabaret| Louie’s Trophy House| Kzoo Pride| Pierce Road Bar and Grill|

Kalamazoo New Years Fest| Battle Creek Cereal Festival| Battle Creek Juneteenth Festival|

Battle Creek International Fest | Cricket Club| Kellogg Community College| WMU|

Leilapalooza| Old Dog Tavern| Founders| New Holland Brewing The NickerBocker|

Papa Petes| Kick off to Summer Fest| Malleable Brewing| Junction City Music Hall|

Flint Alley Fest| Northern Lights Lounge| Creston Brewery| Founders| Pyramid Scheme|

Phog Lounge| Territorial Brewing| Tacos and Tunes Festival| Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts|