The Jazz Fusion Ensemble, Minor Element is proud to present their new EP "Stranger Things Have Happened". This EP is a 4 year project of patient crafting, composing and sculpting of an 11 piece Jazz fusion band. Pulling from many different sources of inspiration, they've created a diverse sound that pulls from Jazz, Rock and everything in between. Minor Element prides themselves on being "music for the musician"; always stretching the ears of their listeners with a sound that is truly unique and amazing. "Stranger Things Have Happened is now available for download on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and Shazam. 


Meet The Team



Founder of Blvcksheep | Artist


Co-Founder of BlvckSheep | Singer Song writer


Co- Founder of BlvckSheep | Vocalist | Rapper

Brandon Fitzpatrick

Co- Founder of BlvckSheep | Director of Operations | Keyboardist and Minor Element Band Leader

Anthony Tyler

Minor Element Drummer | Producer  

Braulio Green

Minor Element Guitarist 

B. Sturg


Austin Secord

 Drummer | Guitarist | Engineer | Producer

Sam Gustavson

Minor Element Trumpeter

Quinn Blakeney

Minor Element Saxophonist

Troy Robertson III

Minor Element Bassist | Guitarist | Bassoonist 

Tom Ryberg

Minor Element Keyboardist 

Trent Sanchez

Minor Element trumpeter